All-in-One Self-service Payment and Point of Service Terminal for any kind of unattanded sales.

Vourity POS 3 is an ”All-in-One” Self-service Payment and Point of Service Terminal for any kind of unattanded sales, payments, access control, resource booking and redemption of digital vouchers. The terminal can be used to open doors and turnstiles, handle payments in vending machines, booking of laundry, meeting rooms, and resources, sales in self-service retail shops with ”self check out”, electrical vehicle charging and building access control. All features are dynamically enabled and centrally managed from Vourity Cloud.

Get paid

Sell your products and services with creditcards (Visa, Mastercard), Apple Pay, Google Pay, mobille payments (example Swish, Vipps, Mobile pay etc.). Different payment methods are available in different regions and countries.

Handles Chip and Pin on creditcards.

Sell and get paid in any country in EU or world wide. Cross border – any currency.

Vourity POS 3
Vourity POS 3 Function Modules


Vourity POS 3 flexible and can easily be customized to suit different use-cases, requirements and markets, by the use of modules. The web based back office enable you to select what modules that should be enabled and visible in your Point of Service terminals. Examples of existing modules include payments with creditcards and mobile payment methods such as Swish, Vipps and Mobile pay, redemption of digital vouchers and access control.

The terminal support multiple languages so that you can offer customers to buy and pay using their own language.

Vourity Flow

Vourity POS 3 enables you to customize the sales process, menus, and buttons to suit your line of business. The sales process, i e the user interaction flow, in the terminal is defined by drawing graphical flow charts.

Vourity provide flow templates for the most common use cases such as vending machines, electrical vehicle charging, booking of meeting rooms, camping, guest harbours and much more. But you can easily make your own flow templates based on the function modules that are available.

Vourity Flow
Fast Track

Paid Access

Access control to open doors, control gates, turnstyles and barriers to give your customers access to your sites (with or without payment). Customers can easily pay on site or pre-order / pre-pay digital vouchers (i e tickets) to get access when they arrive at the site.

Access can also be controlled and granted to visitors, service staff and employees by using RFID tags, pincode, mobile apps or car license plate readers.

Manage it in the cloud

It is easy to get started with Vourity. Sign-up online or contact one of our partners. Once registered then all is managed in the cloud based merchant portal.

Mobile shopping

Digital Vouchers

Use digital vouchers such as tickets and stamp cards to provide access to your sites and services. Customers simply scan the QR code of the digital voucher in the Point of Service terminal to gain access.

Exempelvis ett klippkort för elbilsladdning som är förladdat med 10st laddningar eller 20kwh.

Kunderna kan förköpa t.ex. biljetter i mobilen eller webshop och sedan skanna biljettens QR-kod i ett vändkors för att komma in på er anläggning.

Resource booking

Enable customers to book your resources. Booking can be done from a mobile phone, web as well directly on a Point of Service terminal. Typical use cases include booking of laundry machines, sauna, meeting rooms, and rental of tools, deliver boxes for click-and-collect.


Resellers, partners, discount and bundles

Increase sales by offering discounts and bundles, or selling via resellers and partners. You can create product bundles that include both your own as well as partner products.

Open API’s

We love integrations and Vourity Cloud is built on open API’s. Today it is no longer acceptable to lock customers into isolated system islands. Modern services are based on integrations with both customers and partners.

Please contact us to discuss your integration needs.


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