What we are

Vourity is a uniquely simple cloud-based platform for unattended payments, sales and access. Our mission is to simplify people’s everyday lives, one payment solution at a time, whilst creating new revenue streams and reducing costs for businesses. Whether it be providing electric car owners with a solution to easily pay for charging everywhere without the hassle of having to download a gazillion apps from different providers – or be it a solution enabling customers 24/7 self-service access to products or services that otherwise would require staff – Vourity has a cost efficient and user-friendly solution to strengthen the user experience and reduce consumer barriers.

What we offer

We solve the many payment problems surrounding EV-drivers following the increased global demand on electric cars and different charging methods. Vourity simplifies, connects all different systems in a secure way, solves the different payment problems and makes EV-charging easy everywhere. With a growing supply of charging providers – each with their uniquely branded registration flow – the need for open and unifying payment solutions is no exception.

Vourity’s cloud-based payment solution works independent of the providers platform and allows the end user to easily select a payment method of their choice – from debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), Apple Pay and Google Pay – to QR-based services like Swish and Vipps. The solution can be used in a nearly endless variety of situations demanding an unattended self-services payment, booking or access. Even if access requires identification, Vourity supports BankID and Freja eID, which even further increases flexibility and security for both the service provider as well as the end-user.

Who we are

The story of Vourity is a classic start-up origin story. Hans Nottehed, a tech executive with an international background in cloud based systems, had a frustrating experience when paying for an unmanned service – and set out to find a better solution. The answer was Vourity. He was soon joined by payments expert Peter Hirtl, who had encountered similar poor user experiences and saw great opportunity in the company.

Vourity AB was acquired by ABB E-Mobility in 2023.