All-In-One Paid Access Control

With our comprehensive access control solution, you can integrate cutting edge payment features, digital e-ID’s and QR codes with traditional access control cards and code entry without the headache and hassle of operating multiple systems.

Next Generation Access Control

Vourity Cloud is a flexible access-control-system-as-a-service where you only pay for the functions you use and where the system actually gets better with time. With Paid Access you can create completely new sources of revenue for property owners and the access system can become a source of income instead of just being a cost.

Vourity Paid Access Control

Now, you can adapt to changes in the world and as well as implement new business requirments without the stress or cost of upending your entire access control system. Our all-in-one system gives you all the high-tech advantages of digital payment processing combined with building access control, delivered in one user-friendly experience.

  • Paid services with leading open payment methods including major credit cards, Swish, Vipps, Apple and Google Pay

  • Innovative access technologies such as e-Identity, QR codes and digital tickets

  • Bespoke ticket creation for serving more customers with less waiting

  • In-house Voucher and QR code customization for generation sales on your terms

  • Regular system updates featuring the latest access terminal breakthroughs, all done on your behalf

  • Ready-made digital receipt processing

and the ultimate data security of an industry leading cloud-based software, recognized by acclaimed Detektor Awards.

Vourity Access Terminal

The star of the access control system is the “all-in-one” door terminal Vourity POS 3. It handles both common access functions (tags and PIN codes) as well as various types of payment services. It is even certified for payment with regular credit cards and handles modern mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Swish.

All functions in the terminal are dynamically controlled from the cloud based on what needs you have and the access system becomes better and more secure over time through ongoing software updates that are made automatically from the cloud.

Vourity Access Terminal

Vourity Paybox

Accept payments with open payment methods such as credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), Apple Pay, Google Pay as well as mobile payment methods such as Swish, Vipps, Mobile Pay and many more.
Works with Chip and Pin for credit cards.
Sell in any country within EU or world wide. Cross border – any currency.

The Vourity Paybox is designed for outdoor operations.

Vourity Paybox

Digital Identity (e-ID)

A digital identity is a set of validated digital attributes and credentials for the digital world, similar to a person’s identity for the real world. Usually issued or regulated by a national ID scheme, a digital identity uniquely identifies a person online or offline.

Vourity access control enable property owners to accept and use digital ID’s at physical access control terminals. This greatly increase the security compared to basic RFID cards. It also reduces the administrative burdon of issuing RFID cards or physical keys to employees, consultants and visitors.

Vourity supports several national and EU digital ID services including Freja and BankID.

Digital ID

Creates new sources of revenue

A core part of the access control system are the functions for “paid access” where it is possible to charge for access to premises and resources. The idea is that, for example, property owners should be able to increase additional sales by selling new services and charging for, for example, meeting rooms, event rooms, saunas, electrical vehicle charging, vending machines and renting out various resources, etc.

The payment is completely unattended (self-service) and is therefore well adapted for times of social distancing and where you want to offer customers and visitors to purchase access, services and products around the clock.
– Paid Access can thus create completely new sources of income for property owners and the access system can become a source of income instead of just being a cost.

Electrical Vehicle Charging
Vourity Paid Access Doors


Vourity Cloud comes with a web based backoffice that enable you to operate and monitor all sites, zones and access control terminals, even across different buildings and areas. The web based backoffice include all the expected features to operate an access control system as well as the Vourity signature Paid Access features.

Vourity EV Charging backoffice

User-Focused Experience

Happier customers lead to higher sales. That’s why our user-centric access control terminals provide a simplified customer journey that includes crystal clean information and modern features your customers and guests will love.

Mobile shopping


The Access Control System can be combined with the Vourity booking module. This provide your customers and guests with a seamless experience from booking to access. Your guest get a QR code in the booking confirmation, that they can use in the access control terminals to get unattended access to the resources and services they have booked.

Meeting Room

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