Start the charging

Start the charging by:

1) Connect your car to a charger

2) Go to the payment terminal and select the charger and connector that you connected your car to

3) Pay with credit card or Swish

4) Laddningen startar

End the charging

Stop the charging session

1) Go to the payment terminal end select “Stop charging”

2) Enter your STOP-code to end the charging session.
The code is the FOUR (4) last digits in the payment method you used when starting the charging.
Card payment = FOUR (4) last digits in the card number
Swish = FOUR (4) last digits in your mobile phone number

Google Pay & Apple Pay: See card payment here above

3) The charging is stopped

2b) Apple Pay

If you used Apple Pay to start the charging, then you will find the STOP-code in Apple Wallet. See this example screen.

Apple Pay stoppkod

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