Creating the best possible payment experience for customer and users is our end-game.
If you own an electric vehicle you have probably not only encountered difficulties finding a charging pole exactly when you need it, but once you do there is the downloading of an app, going through account registration and hassling with credit card details. Thankfully, Vourity Paystation™ is here to simply your life as an electric car owner. Our products contains everything needed to make the charging more flexible and problem free. No more apps, different charging cards or subscriptions. When arriving at a Vourity Paystation you simply choose which payment method you prefer – whether it be debit or credit cards, Apple and Google Pay, Swish or Vipps. This will take your electric vehicle charging to the next level.

Perhaps you have a charging station of your own? Vourity lets you rent it out to other electric car drivers who can easily pay for it using the Vourity Paystation™. Even if you are residing in an apartment where you are sharing a charging station, by using BankID the housing cooperative can opt to offer charging to external users as means to provide free or subsidized charging to their residents.

So what are you waiting for? Try our unique EV-charging products at a charging station near you!

Electric Vehicle Charging Payments made easy