Whether you are a point of sale, an EV vendor or a property owner – if you provide an EV charging service you are always looking to offer the best customer experience possible to have paying customers return. Vourity Paystation™ is a cashless payment solution that takes your EV charging hub to the next level by giving the user full flexibility of choosing their preferred payment method – whether it be debit or credit cards, Apple or Google Pay, Swish or Vipps. As Vourity supports BankID, you can even create a more personalized experience for your customers through individual discount vouchers or free usage.

Flexibility is extended to you the providers as well, allowing you to offer different payment methods in different markets. A simple and secure integration takes place through an open API to quickly give your customers 24/7 access to your charging point, thereby opening up for additional sales.

Once Vourity Paystation™ is set up, vendors are guaranteed automatic software updates and compliance with current EU and regulatory requirement for payment methods and EV charging.

Through Vourity Paystation™ the end-user can access a wide range of possibilities. Besides being able to choose their preferred payment method, they can purchase digital vouchers, stamp cards (e.g. 10 charging sessions, 20kWh, 30 EUR) or gift cards online. This is especially convenient when carrying a subscription or company accounts. Vourity’s platform will automatically manage all the financial administration between all parties.

If you are subletting or providing access to a local service or premise, our service for self-service and cashless payments allows you to increase your revenues by enabling 24/7 access and reduces cost by lowering the need for staff.

Take a camping site for example. With Vourity Paystation ™ your costumers can pre-purchase their parking and camping spots with digital vouchers. On arrival customers can check-in by using their given QR-code and enter the gates when unattended. The voucher can further be used as a key to access vending machines and facilities such as toilets, showers and laundry rooms. The same possibilities naturally apply to other similar services or locations, like guest harbours, car washes and theme parks for example.

As an operator you may already have a system that builds on memberships, subscriptions and RFID tags. In these instances Vourty Paystation can be used as a supplement to extend your offer of open payment methods.

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