Sales of Products and Services in Vending Machines.

Increase sales by offering customers to purchase 24×7 in Vending Machines. Customers can pay with credit cards a well as modern mobile payment options including Swish and others. You can sell Candy, hot and cold beverages, coffee and food.

Payment options

Sell your products and service and get paid using credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), Apple Pay, Google Pay as well as mobile payment methods such as Swish, Vipps, Mobile Pay and many more.
Works with Chip and Pin for credit cards.
Sell in any country within EU or world wide. Cross border – any currency.

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Sales 24×7 in Vending Machines

Increase sales by offering customers to buy your products and services in Vending Machines 24×7. Customers can pay with modern mobile payment options including Swish as well as credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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Discounts and digital vouchers

In addition to paying for services you are also able to offer customers the option to pay by using discount codes and Vourity Smart Vouchers. This is a powerful way to to create lojalty and innovative marketing campaigns where customers pick up products in Vending Machines or delivery points.

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Vending machine pay with mobile

Manage it all in the Merchant Portal

It is easy to get starter with Vourity. Register online or contact any of our partners. You mange all with the Merchant Portal. This is web based backoffice portal where you handle Products, Prices, Sales and Reporting.

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Resellers, partners and bundles

Increase sales by selling via resellers and partners. Create bundles or packages where you can combine your own products together with other companies in the region. You can create business models for partner networks, franschise and sharing economy.

The financial clearing is done automatically between all parties.

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