Marketing and Sales of Products and Services  with digital Vouchers.

Increase your sales by marketing and selling using digital Vouchers such as Tickets, Punch-cards, Bundle cards / Passes (mixed), Event- & arena-Pass, Festivalpass, Destinationpass, Coupons, Gift-cards, Pre-paid cards (cash), Pre-paid cards (products).


Smart Vouchers

Vourity Smart Vouchers are a digital Voucher with built in intelligence that enable companies to offer innovative Products and Services that in most cases are not possible to do with existing Voucher and gift-card systems. Smart Vouchers notify customers when they are about to expire and are able to open doors, switch on lamps and can be sent to other users / customers.

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Sell any type of Voucher

Sell gift-cards, punch-cards, tickets, coupons and destination passes. Sell online, redeen where you are. You can even redeem mobile on boats and buses.

Vouchers are a powerful tool to increase sales. It is common that customers that use Vouchers spend more than the value of the Vouchers.

Sell your Vouchers in all EU countries. Cross border and multi currency.

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Mobile shopping

Sell in smartphones or online

Today customers expect to do everything with their smartphone. Vourity enable sales of digital Vouchers via mobile as well as online. The puchase can be done quickly in the mobile with Swish (Sweden) or other mobile payment options.

Enable the customer to shop where and when they like.

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Sell with a Quickshop

The innovative Vouritys Quickshop enable your customers to buy and pay for your services directly using their mobile phone and the Swish app (Sweden). You can put them on and print the Quickshop QR-code on almost anything such as the coffee take-away cups to sell coffee cards. Or why not show them in TV-ads or on digital signage.

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Vourity Quickshop
Quickshop carwash


The picture here is an example demo of a Quickshop. It is a live demo shop where you can by a demonstration of a carwash. Note that is only a demo product and DO NOT give you the right to redeem any real carwash.

Scan the QR-code with the Swish-app (only for Swedish users), pay (price 2SEK). Within a minute you will be sent an SMS with a Vourity Smart Voucher to your mobile phone.

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Don’t keep customers waiting in line – use Fast track

Redeem Vouchers automatically – 24×7

Integrate the system with speed-gates, barriers, doors to offer customers a ”Fast track” so they can reduce the time waiting in line. The customers will purchase your Vouchers online and when they arrive at the gate they scan the QR-code at the scanner at the gate/door. The door will open automatically if the Voucher is valid.

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Fast Track

Manage it all in the backoffice

It is easy to get started with Vourity. Registre online or contact one of our partner. You mange all via the backoffice portal.

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Financial Clearing and Settlement

When a Voucher is redeemed this will trigger an automatic financial clearing process and finally payout to the company that redeemed the Voucher. It is mandated by EU law that all Vouchers must be redeemed in order to ensure proper Tax/Vat registration.

The system handles the financial clearing between all parties including issuers, resellers, partners and the redeeming company. The financial settlement (payout) is done at regular time intervals such as once every month or week. The payout money is sent to your Bankgiro (Sweden) or IBAN account (Europe).

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Access 24×7

Sell your services and products 24×7. Give customers access to your sites 24×7, without having staff on site. Get paid in the mobile with Swish (Sweden) or other mobile payment services.

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Resellers, partners och packages

Increase sales by selling via resellers and partners. Create bundles or packages where you can package your own or together with other companies in the region. You can create business models for partner networks, franschise and sharing economy.

The financial clearing is done automatically between all parties.

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