Vourity enables you to sell and get paid in unattended self-service situations.

Sell your products and services without having staff on site. You can sell and offer your services 24×7. In times when customers avoid human contact you can keep the sales process going by using our self-service platform and sell using unattended Point of Service terminals, mobile sales, online sales or selling via social media.

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Get paid

Sell your products and service and get paid using credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), Apple Pay, Google Pay as well as mobile payment methods such as Swish, Vipps, Mobile Pay and many more.
Works with Chip and Pin for credit cards.
Sell in any country within EU or world wide. Cross border – any currency.

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Digital Vouchers

You can use Digital Vouchers such as tickets and stamp cards to give customers access to your products, services and sites. The customer simply scans the QR-kod of the Voucher in a Point of Service terminal.

Example pre-paid stamp cards for electrical vehicle charging that is filled with 10 charging sessions or 20kwh.

Customers can purchase tickets via their mobile or webshop and then scan the QR-code at the door to enter your site.

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Mobile shopping

Access control

Control speed-gates, turnstiles, doors and barriers to give customers access to your sites and services. Your customers can pay on site or by using a digital voucher (ticket) to get access.

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Manage all in the backoffice

It is easy to get started. Everything is managed via the web based backoffice.

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Point of Service

Point of Service terminals for both sales and redemption of digital vouchers. The terminals can handle payments using credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Swish, Vipps. Mobile pay and many more methods.

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Unattended sales 24×7

Sell your products and services 24×7. Give customers access to your sites any time.

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Enable customers to book resources. Reservations can easily be done via mobile, online or on local Point of Service terminals.

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Resellers, partners, discounts and bundles

Increase sales by using discounts, resellers and partners. Create product bundles and create partnerships to co-operate with other companies.

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