Pay to access unattended sites and services.

Open doors and control devices by using unattended payment terminals. Accept payment methods such as credit cards and mobile payments.
Carwash, Public restrooms, Golf Ball Dispensers, Padel center, Gym and Fitness, Solariums etc.

Control and open doors, turnstyles, speed-gates and barriers to provide access to your customers to your sites and services. Create a ”Fast track” where customers that pre-purchase entry tickets can skip the normal manual ticket queue.

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Sell your products and service and get paid using credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), Apple Pay, Google Pay as well as mobile payment methods such as Swish, Vipps, Mobile Pay and many more.
Works with Chip and Pin for credit cards.
Sell in any country within EU or world wide. Cross border – any currency.

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Quickshop carwash

Sell access

It is easy and fast for customers to buy tickets to your sites and services. Customers simply use the innovative Vourity QR-Shops and pay using the Swish-app (or other mobile payment options depending on the region where you operate).

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Sell in smartphones or online

Today customers expect to do everything with their smartphone. Vourity enable sales of digital Vouchers via mobile as well as online. The puchase can be done quickly in the mobile with Swish (Sweden) or other mobile payment options.
Enable the customer to shop where and when they like.

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Mobile shopping

Don’t keep customers waiting in line – use Fast track

Integrate the system with speed-gates, barriers, doors to offer customers a ”Fast track” so they can reduce the time waiting in line. The customers will purchase your Vouchers online and when they arrive at the gate they scan the QR-code at the scanner at the gate/door. The door will open automatically if the Voucher is valid.

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Manage it all in the backoffice

It is easy to get started with Vourity. Registre online or contact one of our partner. You mange all via the backoffice portal.

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Point of Service

Redemption of Vouchers can be done by using Vourity POS. The customer scan the Voucher QR-code and then the system checks the validity of the Voucher. When a Voucher has been redeemed then the system will trigger an automatic clearing process and finally a financial settlement / payout to the redeeming company.

There are many alternatives to redeem Vouchers. Either by using Vourity POS  or by using hardware devices that works at public restrooms, arenas, themeparks, camping buses, boats etc. You can redeem Voucher in the merchant app by scanning the QR code with the smartphone camera.

Vouchers must be redeemed to ensure the financial booking keep and VAT reporting to the authorities is done correctly. Vourity handle this automatically.

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Access 24×7

Sell your services and products 24×7. Give customers access to your sites 24×7, without having staff on site. Accept payment with credit cards as well as various mobile payment options.

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Vourity Box

Vourity Box enable control and opening of doors, gates, barriers based on the redemption of  Vourity Smart Vouchers. The box can open the door or entry gate when the customer scan a valid Voucher.

Sell your services and products 24×7. Give customers access to your sites all hours of the day or night. Sell Vouchers via mobile payment and allow customers self service unattended access. Provide fast-track so customers do not have to wait in line.

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