Vourity can help you increase sales and make your company grow by making it easier and faster for customers to buy your products and services

Vourity is an internet based platform for unattended / self-service sales and delivery. Sell your products and services 24×7 in unattended Point of Service terminals as well as online in webshops.

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Sell your products and service and get paid using credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), Apple Pay, Google Pay as well as mobile payment methods such as Swish, Vipps, Mobile Pay and many more.

Works with Chip and Pin for credit cards.

Sell in any country within EU or world wide. Cross border – any currency.

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Digitala Vouchers

Sell gift-cards, punch-cards, tickets, coupons and destination passes. Sell online, redeen where you are. You can even redeem mobile on boats and buses.

Vouchers are a powerful tool to increase sales. It is common that customers that use Vouchers spend more than the value of the Vouchers.

Sell your Vouchers in all EU countries. Cross border and multi currency.

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Sell in smartphones or online

Today customers expect to do everything with their smartphone. Vourity enable sales of digital Vouchers via mobile as well as online. The puchase can be done quickly in the mobile with Swish (Sweden) or other mobile payment options.

Enable the customer to shop where and when they like.

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Mobile shopping

Paid Access

Access control and Fast Track to open doors, control gates, turnstyles and barriers to giveyour customers access to your sites and services, with or without payments. The customer can pay on site in an unattended payment terminal or by using pre-paid digital vouchers (tickets) to get access.

Access can also be provided to visitors, service staff and employees by using RFID tags, pincodes, apps and car license plate cameras.

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Manage it all in the backoffice

It is easy to get started with Vourity. Registre online or contact one of our partner. You mange all via the backoffice portal.

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Point of Service

Enable sales and payments in Point of Service terminals for all kinds of sales and payments, access control, reservations/bookings and redemption of digital vouchers.

The terminals can be used for opening doors, control turnstyles, speed gates and handle payments in vending machines, booking of laundry and meeting rooms, unattended retail shops, electrical vehicle charging and more.

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Sales 24×7

Sell your services and products 24×7. Give customers access to your sites 24×7, without having staff on site. Accept payments using credit cardd as well as mobile payment methods.

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Unattended sales 24×7 – Vending

Increase sales by offering customers to buy in Vending machines. Accept payments using credit cardd as well as mobile payment methods.

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Resellers, partners och packages

Increase sales by selling via resellers and partners. Create bundles or packages where you can package your own or together with other companies in the region. You can create business models for partner networks, franschise and sharing economy.

The financial clearing is done automatically between all parties.

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