Vourity is a cloud based service that enable companies to sell and manage digital Vouchers, Passes, Tickets, Membership cards and Coupons.

The cloud service enable companies, shops and organisations to sell, issue, redeem, report and manage digital and mobile Vouchers.


Use cases

These are a few examples of Voucher use cases you can create Vourity.

Destination Pass

Destinations such as cities and regions can become more attractive by bundling multiple attractions and benefits in a Destination Pass. Create any package or bundle of great attractions that you would like to highlight to visitors.


Gift-cards are a great way to attract new customers and boost sales. Many gift-card users spend more money than the value on the gift-card.


Your customers are everything – so reward them for their patronage with loyalty cards.


Create punch-ticket schemas such as coffee cards or lunch cards and reward loyal customers. Example “Pay for 9 cups of coffee and get one free”


Issue tickets to events, venues, travel and sightseeing. Be sure to include them in Destination Passes and product bundles to get maximum reach and exposure.


Issue coupons with discounts or exchange. One coupon = free product


We have collected some data about Vouchers and Gift-cards.

Customers that prefer to get gift-cards instead of other items

Customers with Gift-cards have a tendency to spend more than the value of the card