Digital gift cards and Vouchers

Vourity is a cloud based service that enable companies to sell and manage digital Vouchers, Gift-cards, Passes, Tickets, Membership cards and Coupons.

The tech stack is based on cutting edge technology such as Blockchain and AI.

Our story

Vourity AB was founded in Sweden 2018.

The company was born out of frustrations the founders experienced in every day situations when dealing with Vouchers, Gift-cards and Discount Coupons.

They started looking for solutions and services that could do it better. Something they would like to have and use themselves every day. In the process they found out that also many friends shared the same frustration.

So they set out on a journey to do something better than what existed on the market.


Many existing Vouchers, Coupons and Gift-cards are distributed on paper or various types of plastic cards. This is fine in some cases but often you risk forget to bring that coupon to the shop, they get lost or expire.

With Vourity you keep your (Vourity issued) Gift-cards, Passes, Coupons, Vouchers, Tickets and Membership cards in one app on your phone.

You always have them with you, so you don’t risk losing out on your deals, gift cards expiring, or coupons getting lost in the laundry.


Buyer protection has you covered if shops close down. Instead of losing money on that gift-card, simply reclaim the value in the app, and you can use it to buy something else in another shop that you like.