Self-service Payments

Payment and Sales of Products and Services without human interaction.

Vourity POS 3

Increase sales by offering unattended / self-service payments. Selling your products and services without sales staff. You can even keep your self-service shop open 24×7.


Paid Access

Pay to access unattended sites and services.


Open doors and control devices by using mobile payment such as Swish.
Gated Community, Carwash, Public restrooms, Golf Ball Dispensers, Paddel center, Gym and Fitness, Solariums etc.

Control and open doors, turnstyles, speed-gates and barriers to provide access to your customers to your sites and services. Create a ”Fast track” where customers that pre-purchase entry tickets can skip the normal manual ticket queue.


Unattended Retail and Shops

Sales of products and services using Self-service Shops and Vending machines.

Vending machine

Increase your sales by offering customers to purchase 24×7 in Vending machines. Payment options include leading mobile payment services such as Swish and others. Sell products such as Candy, hot and cold beverages, coffee and food.


Electrical Vehicle Charging

Open and easy to use payments for EV Charging.

Vourity EV Charging

The Vourity payment platform enables EV drivers to pay for the charging by using regular credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), Apple Pay, Google Pay, Swish, Vipps and more. The Charge Point Operators can offer these payment methods in parallel to their existing payment systems that are often based on subscriptions and RFID Tags.

The platform also enable the EV sites to sell add-on services that the customer can buy and use while waiting for the charging to complete. This includes public restrooms, carpet wash, vending and coffee machines, showers and more to make the waiting time more efficient for the EV driver.


Financial clearing

Automated financial Clearing between all parties.

Financial Clearing and Settlement by AI

The platform handles the financial clearing fully automatically between all parties. Minimal adminstration and maximum traceability. It works for all sizes of organizations. Especially good for franchise and travel destinations with multiple parties and partners that work together.


Business Types

Vourity can be used by most types of business. Including small single site shops and venues to franchise, sharing economy services and large international chains. Here are a few examples of business types that can benefit from using Vourity.

EV Charging
Sharing economy
Unattended retail shops


Vourity provide hardware devices that enable you to offer unattended sales and redemption of Vouchers. Your customers can get access to your services and sites 24×7. The smart box here below can control and open doors, gates, barriers and enable mobile payments in Vending machines.

Vourity Box 1

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